The Story Behind "Glow"

Six months ago I had a decision to make: stay in a place of comfort or wander into the unknown. I thought about this choice for a long time, knowing It would be easy to remain in a familiar place. I knew I couldn't grow in familiarity though. I needed to run into meaning, move out of my comfort, and seek something hard to lose. So I left. I went away from everything that gave me comfort. I said goodbye to my friends, my family, and even parts of my faith. There was a new journey ahead. Fear was all around me. I was scared I would take this journey, and miles down the road look back and wonder if I could return. Would everything still be the same? But I didn't let this question stand in my way. Instead, I kept moving forward towards hope, a light that shines in the darkness. I was heading into a place where I could see the glow, and I knew wherever I saw the sun, I would find you there - in the glow.

Russ Parrish1 Comment