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Russ Parrish


State fair Amateur Talent Contest

In July of 2017 Russ auditioned to compete in the State Fair Amateur Talent Contest. He found out just a few days later that he made it to the semifinals. In August he took the stage once more to find out by the end of the night that he had made it to the finals which would be held at the grand stand! Finally, in September after a long day of fried food and great drinks he took first in the open division of the contest.

Video: State Fair Amateur Talent Contest (Start - 3:00)

Russ Parrish


Born and raised in Nashville, Russ Parrish grew up surrounded by music. In June of 2016, he moved to Minnesota. He is inspired by the journey between faith and doubt, finding truth in places where decisions must be made. His journey is heard in his songs.

"Where I see the sun, oh I know, I'll find you there - in the glow."